Welcome to the "Help send Kyle to the G20" blog. Recently, I was selected as one of 7 Canadian youth to represent the country at the G20 Youth Summit in Mexico this may. As a result, I was tasked with raising $3500 in order to attend and because of your kindness, I was successful in doing so! Keep posted for live updates from the Y20-G20 summit here!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Is International Trade Only For The Wealthy?

Today is a very exciting day as I will begin training with the Canadian government in order to go and represent Canada on Wednesday at the Y20-G20. As there are 7 themes to be tackled at the summit, each Canadian has taken responsibility of on area and my baby will be that of International Trade. I am extremely excited about this opportunity because it fits very well with my past work experience and also with what I studied in undergrad. Also, given Canada's dynamic economy, there will be a great deal to learn and impart on other youth delegations. 

Prior to the summit, youth have been asked to collaborate in online forums and discuss certain issues relating to problems in international trade and challenges each respective nation is facing. Through initial analysis, the main concern is a lack of access to proper trade financing mechanisms. Moreover, questions surrounding how can nations participate in the international trade process if banks remain conservative in their lending practices? Are banks too risk averse? What other options are available? Why is engaging in International Trade so expensive? Can only the wealthy truly benefit from trade?

Having worked in the area, I think it will be interesting to hear what other youth think about the area of trade and whether or not they are as open to it as Canadians are. As the event progresses, I will continue to bring up issues and then post-summit, will share key take-aways.

So what do you think? How can trade become more accessible?