Welcome to the "Help send Kyle to the G20" blog. Recently, I was selected as one of 7 Canadian youth to represent the country at the G20 Youth Summit in Mexico this may. As a result, I was tasked with raising $3500 in order to attend and because of your kindness, I was successful in doing so! Keep posted for live updates from the Y20-G20 summit here!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Information on G20 selection process and Globalvision

Global Vision

Statement of Mission, Vision and Values
We will champion the enterprising spirit of young Canadians in the promotion of Canadian industry and culture as we achieve recognition as a major force in the global marketplace.
Inspired by this irrepressible drive to become world-class, we will provide access to national and global networks for young Canadians to acquire the international development, trade and cross-cultural experience to become the next leaders of Canada.
Grounded in the enduring principles of integrity, compassion and mutual respect in everything we say and do, we will touch the hearts and minds of Canadians in communities across the land.

How The Process Works
Global Vision organizes the Canadian youth delegation for the the Prime Minister’s special invite youth summits every year to further its goal of igniting young Canadians to take on leadership roles within their communities and to better understand the changing global workplace.

The Selection Process
The program strives to reach all Canadian regions with its Global Leaders Centres (GLCs) and all participants are then invited to apply to join a Junior Team Canada (JTC) Mission. A competitive selection process then chooses between 20-30 youth Ambassadors from close to 800 applicants for the trade mission team every year. From this team, a smaller delegation of 2-4 individuals are then chosen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mr. Terry Clifford to be the Canadian Youth delegation at the APEC Summit. There are also sometimes room for other special invite summits such as the Summit of America’s, G8, or, in this case, the G20.

What Does It Accomplish?
The JTC program positions youth to get a head start on career opportunities in both national and international job markets by providing leadership training that links theory with real world experiences. Youth engage their communities’ businesses and organizations to bring them forward with pride to the rest of Canada and the world.

Giving Back
With a new perspective on the world, each participant is expected to share their experiences with their community. The goal is to explore and enable partnerships between their own local industries and those in the emerging markets.