Welcome to the "Help send Kyle to the G20" blog. Recently, I was selected as one of 7 Canadian youth to represent the country at the G20 Youth Summit in Mexico this may. As a result, I was tasked with raising $3500 in order to attend and because of your kindness, I was successful in doing so! Keep posted for live updates from the Y20-G20 summit here!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Media piece regarding Canada/Mexico relations and the G20

The G20 provides nations with an important opportunity to collaborate and develop an economic framework that is representative of the dynamic global economy evolving before us. In order to ensure future stability and long-term continuity, world leaders are realizing that youth involvement in these discussions is both invaluable and imperative.

World leaders understand that decisions made today will pave the future environment in which young people will live and as a result, want to ensure that we are fully immersed in those important discussions. As demonstrated by youth participation in major summits like the G20, young people all over the world must be cognizant of the vital role we play in the development of sound social and economic policies.

As we progress towards the future, it is up to youth to spread the vision of the G20 through active engagement with those around us in order to effectively mobilize interest and commitment in ensuring world economic sustainability and security.

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I had the incredible opportunity to work in Hidalgo, Mexico with Bombardier Transportation – a Canadian company that has capitalized on the dynamic and educated populace that Mexico possesses. My experience was extraordinary as I witnessed the true mutual benefit of economic collaboration in terms of local engagement, job creation and employee education.

As Canadians, we feel incredibly fortunate to be attending such an event in a country like Mexico. The economic and political synergies both our nations possess are a testament to the success of increased collaboration and dialogue happening at both the youth and leadership level. Exemplary evidence is the past G20 in Toronto, where GlobalVision a national youth leadership development organization hosted the G20 Youth Summit . Mexican and Canadian youth leaders tackled various issues afflicting the Americas region and discussed mutually beneficial solutions to those issues. Canada sees the Y20 as an opportunity to further expand on those strategies and continue strengthening relations between both countries.

On behalf of Global Vision’s Junior Team Canada, I want to thank President Calderon for involving youth from the regions of Mexico in these important discussions. Global Vision-“the Producer of Global leaders since 1991” looks very much forward to deepening relations with Mexico at the Y20  through the establishment of personal ties and understanding between the future leaders.